10 Worst States To Get A DUI

All drivers should avoid drinking and driving because of the harm it could do to themselves and others. Aside from injury, there are many reasons why driving intoxicated is not a good idea. In fact, in some states, getting a DUI can lead to extremely harsh consequences. The following are 10 states in particular that are notable for their strict stance on drunk driving.

  1. Arizona

If you are convicted in Arizona of driving with a blood alcohol content of higher than .08%, you will have to lay out some serious cash to be able to drive again. The court requires an ignition interlock device be installed in your car, and you will be in charge of the monthly rental and maintenance fee for the device, among other penalties. That’s not to mention any fines imposed by the DUI conviction.

  1. California

Getting a DUI in California is actually much worse than drunk driving in Arizona. If you are convicted of driving intoxicated in California, you must request a hearing with the DMV within 10 days of your DUI arrest. Penalties you receive from the court are in addition to any fines or punishments the DMV places on your license, which may include suspension for up to 3 years.

  1. Connecticut

Drivers who receive 3 OWI convictions in Connecticut should consider getting a bus pass or learn to enjoy walking. Drunk driving in this state can cause you to lose your driver’s license for the rest of your life.

  1. Florida

In the Sunshine State, driving while drunk could get you charged with a third-degree felony. In addition to jail time and some huge fines, you could have your license suspended for up to a year – and that’s just for the first offense!

  1. Illinois

Illinois is an aggressive state when it comes to DUI’s. More than 50,000 people are arrested each year for drunk driving, which has probably led to this harsh stance. If your blood alcohol is more than .08% in Illinois, your arresting officer can immediately suspend your driver’s license for up to 6 months. If you refuse to be tested after a DUI, your penalties go up from there.

  1. New Jersey

Get a DUI in New Jersey and there are plenty of potential consequences depending on your age, blood alcohol, and driving history, among other factors. You could be looking at jail time of up to 20 years and a revocation of your license for life.

  1. Oregon

Oregon has rough drunk driving laws, despite its “being high is okay” reputation. A first-time DUI conviction in Oregon will cost you a minimum of $1,000 in fines, plus you’ll need to add $130 to that for a drunk driving program, $40 for an assessment fee, $95 for a unitary assessment fee (a fee that surprises even those familiar with fees), $95 for a diagnostic fee, and $59 for a county assessment fee.

  1. Georgia

Drunk driving in Georgia will give you an immediate fine of $1,000. In addition, you will get a minimum of 40 hours of community service, a mandated DUI Risk Reduction Program, 12 months’ probation, a requirement of a clinical evaluation for potential treatment, and jail time – all for a first offense.

  1. New York

New York’s DUI laws are complicated and extensive, so you should absolutely hire an attorney if you get arrested for driving drunk in this state. Just don’t drive drunk in New York. Trust us.

  1. Michigan

In Michigan, you can be charged with a DUI as an accomplice. That’s right. If you let a friend, family member or any other driver in the car you are riding in operate a vehicle while drunk, you could be charged as an accomplice to DUI under Michigan law.

No matter where you are in the United States, it makes sense to only drive when you are sober, and to be certain that your driver is sober if you are the passenger. If you are drunk, call a cab or take public transportation. Don’t make a bad decision that could hurt you and others for many years.

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