If you are currently under the influence of alcohol, and trying to figure out how to sober up fast – this article is for you! The only true fix for sobering up is time, although there are a 5 tips that help speed the process up a bit. Don’t even think about driving home, call a friend or family member.


(Photo Credit: Credit: of most effective ways to sober up in a hurry is by eating something. Some foods work better than others, such as foods which contain a large amount of grease. A salad, for example, is too light and wouldn’t be the best choice. A big juicy burger paired with onion rings should do the trick, so worrying about calorie intake at this point is futile. The grease coats the stomach, which slows the amount of time it takes for the alcohol to be absorbed into your system. So whether you’re trying to sober up before getting home at night, or just wanting to feel better the next morning, greasy is always the way to go


Staying properly hydrated is key when trying to combat your hangover because alcohol severely depletes the body’s electrolytes. A good trick to make sure you’re hydrating efficiently is to drink 8oz of water after each drink consumed. Your body needs electrolytes to recover. If you can, get a Hangover Prevention Kit – It contains 5 different ingredients to help prevent a nasty hangover.


Now that you have some food and water in your stomach, it’s time to get some rest. Sleeping gives your body the necessary amount of time to flush the alcohol out of your system. The only true cure for a hangover is time, so you should do yourself a favor after a long night of drinking, and plan ahead to get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. You’ll be thankful you did once that alarm goes off, reality hits you, and you need to quickly start getting ready for class or work. Be sure to sleep on your side, not on your back. 

There’s a big misconception in our society that coffee can help sober a drunk person up. Well, guess what? It’s not in any way true… Caffeine can assist with the depressant effects from alcohol and cause you to become more alert, but it in no way sobers you up, or lowers your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level. What you’ll have on your hands after giving an intoxicated person coffee is nothing more than a drunk with more energy. Their thinking/judgement is still quite impaired, and coffee should never, ever be the quick fix before getting into your vehicle and attempting to get yourself home after consuming overabundance of alcohol.

If time is the only true cure for a hangover, it only makes sense that you have to stop drinking in order to begin the sobering up process. For every 1 drink you consume, it takes approximately 1 full hour for it to be completely processed by the body. So, if you consume 4 drinks within an hour’s time, it will take approximately 4 hours after your very last sip until it’s totally out of your system. In other words, if you have something important to accomplish in your day (or the following day), be sure to drink responsibly.

Author: curtis

Curtis is a nurse educator who enjoy’s helping people understand more about alcohol safety and alcohol awareness.

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