Activated Charcoal for Alcohol Overdose

Activated Charcoal, that sounds awful. Something we put into BBQ’s, we are supposed to put in our mouths?

Yes. Many studies have been done that show Activated Charcoal can significantly decrease blood alcohol concentration. While the charcoal does not absorb alcohol, it helps your body process and remove toxins from your body. Click here to purchase.

Alcohol First Aid Protocol

Many schools and other organizations have Activated Charcoal available if students show signs of acute alcohol poisoning:

– Confusion/StuporActivated Charcoal
– Seizures
– Slow breathing
– Unconscious
– Loss of coordination

Alcohol Poisoning Considerations

When someone is going through an episode of alcohol overdose, they are at great risk to themselves.
They could hurt themselves by:

– Falling down from loss of coordination
– Choking on vomit
– Trusting strangers
– Attempting to drive

Activated Charcoal can be tough to swallow when intoxicated

If the person can’t take the pill:

  1. Open the pill
  2. Mix it with water.
  3. Take slow sips.

It is also not a life saving remedy for acute alcohol poisoning, you should always call 911 if there is an emergency situation.

Add this to your first aid kit – Click here to purchase Activated Charcoal.

Activated Charcoal is not a new remedy, it has been used for hundreds of years and for a variety of purposes. In fact, recently someone even wrote about its usefulness in teeth whitening. Most people use it to eliminate gas, or flatulence. Activated Charcoal is also used to help with other forms of drug overdose, not just with alcohol which can come in handy. Since this product comes from burnt tree’s, it is about as natural as you can get.

Activated Charcoal is also used to help prevent hangovers, so consider thinking about taking it after a long night of drinking. While most people do take activated charcoal for an alcohol overdose, or from binge drinking. Many people will also take it before they go to bed because they know it will help their liver process all the alcohol.

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