Alcohol Soaked Tampons Can Kill You

Though it sounds like a recent trend, the legend of alcohol soaked tampons is actually about a decade old. The first story goes back to 1999, when Reuters ran a story about girls from Finland using tampons soaked in liquor to feel the effects of alcohol faster. Since then, there has been a resurgence of news stories and reports about teens using alcohol soaked tampons in the early 2000’s and then again in recent years. A closer look at most of the alleged cases of the use of alcohol soaked tampons reveals that most of these reports have not been cited as firsthand accounts of the practice taking place. even declares the phenomenon to be a myth.

However, the possibility of a curious teenager deciding to experiment is very real, but the consequences could have been severe, even fatal. In this article, we will try to educate all young readers and their parents of the dangers of using alcohol soaked tampons to get inebriated.

Why would someone use alcohol soaked tampons?

A tampon can absorb about a shot (1 oz) of liquor. When an alcohol soaked tampon is inserted into the vagina, the alcohol then permeates the walls of the vagina and is absorbed through the vaginal blood vessels. An alcohol soaked tampon can also be inserted into the rectum, which will result in the alcohol being absorbed through the blood vessels of the anus.

When alcohol enters the blood stream directly without having to pass through the digestive system, intoxication takes place very rapidly. The sudden onset of the effects of alcohol would produce a euphoria which would make it likely for those using this method to consume alcohol to try again.

The quantity of alcohol needed to be drunk to feel the same level of intoxication as using alcohol soaked tampons would also be much greater. The effect of alcohol is amplified because it passes directly into the blood stream. This effect would make alcohol soaked tampons a cheap way for people to get drunk.

People also believe using alcohol soaked tampons or other methods such as butt chugging will help them pass a breathalyzer test. However, this is false because a breathalyzer test measures the content of alcohol in the blood, not alcohol vapors in the mouth.


Consuming alcohol in this manner wreaks havoc on the body, and can easily result in death or irreversible damage to the body. Physicians say that alcohol soaked tampons can cause vaginal or anal irritation, and in extreme cases, even cause alcohol burns on the inner membranes of these body parts.

The other two dangers come from how the alcohol bypasses the digestive system. Firstly, when alcohol bypasses the stomach, it will arrive to the liver as ethanol. Normally, when alcohol is drunk, stomach enzymes convert the ethanol into acetylaledhyde. Acetylalehyde is also toxic but can be broken down more easily by the liver. This is why people who use alcohol soaked tampons risk liver failure.

Secondly, the big danger is how rapidly the blood alcohol content can rise. When alcohol is going directly to the bloodstream, this will obviously happen and things can get very dangerous because the blood alcohol content can easily rise to lethal levels. This is further complicated because putting alcohol directly into the blood stream bypasses the body’s natural defense against alcohol poisoning, which is vomiting.

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