10 Day Study from

75,000 Unique BAC Calculations

Key  'Takeaways' from Data:

  1. - Average visitor had an  approximated BAC of 0.07%
  3. - 50% of all reported drinks  consumed was a beer
  5. - Only 50% of visitors reported to  drink water while drinking Alcoholic  Beverages
  7. - Visitors reported spending an average of 3 hours drinking before making a calculation.


Drinking Culture is Growing

Using recorded data from 10 days worth of our website's calculator data we wanted to answer the following questions:

1. What kind of drinking behavior trends could we take away from this data?
2. How many people are legally above the legal limit to drive?
3. What are the most/least common drinks being consumed?
75,000 Unique Calculations ...
…  Recorded in 10 days. That makes 7,500+ Calcuations per day. Woah!
…  0ver 403,217 reported alcoholic beverages consumed. 
…  Over 30,000 reported over approximated 0.08% BAC
…  All in the USA
What are American's Drinking?


The Rise of High ABV Beers


Our online Blood Alcohol Calculator has been operational for over 5 years. During these years we have noticed a significant increase in High ABV Beers. 


Blood Alcohol Calculator Mission
Our Mission here at Blood Alcohol Calculator is to provide the best Online Blood Alcohol Calculator. While we can only approximate BAC based off of data from a user, we want to make it easy and convienance to calculate these figures. We also want to provide educational material, which includes tips from Doctors, Lawyers and other members who like to drink. 

Key Education Points:

A 5-series lesson plan to help Educate about BAC
What is considered a unique visitor?
A unique visitor is a first time user to the site with a unique IP Address.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Carolyn Dean
For being a free Online tool - Blood Alcohol Calculator really is fantastic.  They have great insights to alcohol metabolism and understand more than most alcohol related forums. 
Dmitri Movsesyan
DUI Counselor
These guys really care about BAC awareness. I have recommended their site over and over to many people within our industry and we hear nothing but great things. Keep up the great work.
Series 1
What is BAC?
Series 2
Understanding BAC's affect on Body and Brain
Series 3
Knowing the Legal Implications of Drinking
Series 4
Safe Drinking Habits
Series 5
Alcohol Abuse






Who writes the articles published on Blood Alcohol Calculator?
Doctors, Lawyers and other Alcohol Related businesses who have a fantastic grasp of our audience and purpose.
We noticed there are no ad's on the site, how come?
 We want to take away potential distractions from our users until after they make their calculation and can make better life decisions. 
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