The Best Breathalyzer App’s

A number of mobile breathalyzer apps are available today to use on iPhone and Android smartphones that can deliver BAC results to your phone directly from a portable Breathalyzer. Portable breath testing devices are easy and convenient to use and they accurately test your blood alcohol level. Most of these portable handheld breath testing devices are small enough to fill your pocket, and the best thing about them is that they are easily affordable. Most of the portable breath testing devices cost as little as $50. The second good thing about these portable devices is that they are extremely easy to use. All you need to do is to simply plug them into your smartphone and blow into the device to see your blood alcohol content on the spot.

The manufacturers of these portable breath testing devices say that the smartphone apps help you make smart decisions. They can be used when driving back home after a party or when going to work in the morning after a night of partying. However, police say that these devices and apps can be unreliable, and they may even lead to drunken driving in some cases.

Some popular Breathalyzer Apps being used these days are Breathometer, Alcohoot and BACtrack Mobile. In an experiment, these breathalyzer machines were tested with results from the official Breathalyzer that is used to arrest people on the road. However, the results were widely different when tested from the official Breathalyzer and the portable devices. Some of the popular Breathalyzer Apps being used today include IntelliDrink – BAC Calculator, Can I Drive Yet?, iDrinkSmarter, – BAC Calculator & Blood Alcohol Content Gage, Drink Tracker Breathalyzer, and Gage – Breathalyzer.

These apps will never fail and will measure your BAC and may even help to keep you out of jail. If you have any of these apps installed on your smartphone, you won’t be slipping too much during your next night out. And even if you are slipping, you’ll be able to realize that you need a ride home. Here is a quick review of these popular breathalyzer apps.

IntelliDrink – The app can track multiple BACs and will show your BAC illustrated on a graph. The app also tells you when you’ll be sober and will send you an alert when you reach a certain BAC.

Can I Drive Yet? – This app lets you create a user profile with your weight and metabolism information. The app offers information on a variety of BAC legal limits, so you can choose the limit that applies to your location.

iDrinkSmarter – This is a comprehensive BAC app that uses a unique system to maximize the positive effects of alcohol while reducing the likelihood of experiencing drowsiness and hangovers. – A very easy to use app, this more or less offers the same thing which is offered by other apps. The app also has a drink directory and additional information.

Drink Tracker Breathalyzer – This is a robust BAC app which allows the user to have different profiles.

Gage – Gage is a decent app with a very simple but powerful user interface. Multiple users can be tracked, but the app has a tricky timer.

Apart from these, there are many more breathalyzer apps that can be used to test BAC levels.

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