Anyone who works in a corporate environment at home, in an office, or anywhere else knows there are a lot of business meetings to attend. Meetings offer employees, clients, and their employers a unique way to connect, speak, and brainstorm. While it’s certainly true many meetings would be very easily handled through email or a quick conference call, there is a distinct benefit associated with meeting in person. Human interaction is not only beneficial to your health, it also allows people to relax.

It’s easy to misread a text message or comment from a coworker when you perceive a tone that may or may not be intended. Without inflection and emotion, it’s easy to assume someone is being rude or disrespectful, and sometimes people read entirely too much into written conversations. When you meet in person, you’re able to see facial expressions and other body language, and you get to hear their tone. This minimizes miscommunication and easily hurt feelings. Meeting in person isn’t always easy to make happen, which is why video conferencing is the answer to your meeting problems.

It’s Face to Face Communication

Sometimes it’s easier to see people face-to-face while meeting, and video conferences allow this to happen with ease. You all see one another, and you can see facial expressions and hear tone in a person’s voice. You all win when you do this, because it’s less likely someone will read too much into a comment that’s through text or email. Everyone remains a little happier, and you have the form of human interaction you need in your life.

It’s More Affordable Than Travel

Not everyone wants to put out a bunch of money to travel to a meeting. It might not be in the budget, it might be fit into the calendar, and it might not work. Using video conferencing at work allows you to meet with people face-to-face from anywhere in the world anytime you’d like. No one has to pay for hotel rooms, rental car, or airline tickets, and no one is jet-lagged and exhausted from making a long trip. It’s more cost-effective for businesses for video conferencing in lieu of travel for those in different cities.

It’s Helpful for Telecommuters

One thing that’s changed tremendously in the business world over the past few years is the increase in telecommuting. More and more people are working from home or from offices not anywhere near where you have a home base. When your employees telecommute or work remotely, it’s difficult to find time to get them into the office to meet, but it’s easy to schedule a video conference call with them at their current locations.

It Works with All Schedules

It’s much easier to schedule a call than it is to schedule a meeting in person. When someone is only required to sit in front of their computer to meet, they can do it more easily than they can if they have to travel across town. There’s less need to rearrange schedules and make changes to their everyday life to get to meetings.

Video conferencing is a great tool for all business owners and their employees. It’s not only cost-effective, it’s convenient. When you are able to schedule a meeting with everyone no matter where they are, you’re spending less time rearranging calendars and schedules. You have more time in the day to get done other things you need to do, and that is invaluable. There are only 24 hours in the day, but video conferencing allows you a chance to utilize them a lot more efficiently.