Butt Chugging Alcohol Kills

“Butt Chugging” is the act of consuming liquor through ones rectum, via a tube or tube like instrument. Once in your rectum, the alcohol is absorbed through mucous membranes. Some people consume alcohol this way because when consumed rectally, the alcohol has a faster route to the bloodstream than when consumed orally.

Some butt chuggers also believe that if they consume alcohol rectally, they will be able to pass a breathalyzer test if they are pulled over for drunk driving by a police officer. However, this is not true, as breathalyzer tests measure the level of alcohol in the blood, not alcohol vapors in the mouth.

Butt Chugging is a highly risky and dangerous practice. It can result in lifelong injuries and even death.


Consuming alcohol through the rectum is a very dangerous activity. When alcohol is consumed through the rectum, it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, therefore, the blood alcohol level elevates very rapidly. Even a very small dose in comparison to a dose of alcohol consumed orally has a very big effect. This leads to the kind of alcohol fueled risky behaviors that can have dire consequences, as not only are the risks of alcohol present, but it is very difficult to know what a manageable dose would be, increasing the likelihood of blacking out, becoming unconscious, and alcohol poisoning.

Furthermore, the lower gastrointestinal tract lacks the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme present in the stomach and liver that breaks down ethanol into acetylaledhyde. Acetylaldehyde is actually more toxic than ethanol (drinking alcohol) and is responsible for most chronic effects of ethanol. When anally absorbed, ethanol will still eventually arrive at the liver, but the high alcohol content could overwhelm the organ.

Additionally, consuming alcohol rectally neutralizes the body’s ability to reject the toxin by vomiting. Vomiting is the bodies self defense mechanism. If you vomit when you’re drunk, it’s your body purging something that is poisoning it. Essentially, if you have less alcohol in your stomach, less alcohol gets into the bloodstream. Therefore, the risk of alcohol poisoning is extremely high if you are butt chugging.

If that doesn’t convince you that this is a very overrated way to get drunk, then perhaps this will: butt chugging can severely damage the anus, colon and intestine. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on the colon, making it fragile and tender. This results in bleeding and discomfort and brings risks of infection. Even if you don’t end up needing to go to the hospital for your injured rectum, you will experience pain and discomfort for quite a few days if you try butt chugging, especially when you go to the bathroom. So why even consider trying it?

Why Even Do It?

Drinking alcohol orally is quite capable of getting anyone sufficiently intoxicated, and is far less risky than butt chugging. When taking all the facts and risks into consideration, there is no possible benefit to butt chugging in comparison to alcohol. It’s probably much better to get drunk the old fashioned way.

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