Be The Real MVP: Don’t Let Your Friends Drink and Drive

You open your eyes, only to discover a world without an end. A world filled with animals, trees, and no sense of time. At first, the world seems suspicious, but after a short time, it becomes a familiar place. Just as you start walking around in this mysterious environment, a bright light all of a sudden brings you back to reality.

“Can you hear me?” a strange voice asks.

You moan, trying to understand what just happened. The more you look around, the more you realize that you’re no longer in this magical place. Instead, you realize that you have just crashed your vehicle and the person talking to you is the paramedics.

“I can smell liquor” one of them says. You try to defend yourself, but the liquor won’t let you speak. You try to walk it off, but you drag your feet and fall on the pavement. The paramedics try to help you, but you fight them off and get arrested. The reality is, this one moment can result in a lifetime of misery if you decide to drive under the influence.

Here are some ways you can help stop drunk driving:

  1. Educational Campaigns

Lawmakers are trying to find an answer to a question that has taunted police officers, prosecutors, and families affected by drunk drivers over the recent years. Although they haven’t had much luck, prominent politicians from across the country are advocating for increased investment into substance abuse education in order to decrease the likelihood of teens driving under the influence.

Substance abuse should never be an option for drivers, especially teens. Understanding how drugs and alcohol affect the human body will give you the ability to make rational decisions. It will also expose you to the ugly, gruesome truth, and show you how one split second can change your life forever.

  1. Plan In Advance

If you’re old enough to drink and decide to attend a social event, make sure you designate a driver. This is a very popular tactic to avoid driving under the influence and an effective one at that. Assigning a designated driver will help you in the long run because once you start drinking, your brain no longer has the ability to make quick decisions and starts functioning at a slower pace.

When selecting a designated driver, make sure that you choose someone who is responsible. In other words, a person you can trust like a parent, or a best friend. It also helps to pick someone who doesn’t drink. That way they won’t feel pressured by their surrounding environment. With that being said, if you do appoint someone who likes to drink, make sure they remain sober throughout the night. Even if they drink the least amount out of the group, it doesn’t mean they’re sober.

Remember, a life is nothing to gamble with.

  1. Include Food

Generally speaking, most parties nowadays, typically don’t serve food. For teens, this means that the odds of you getting drunk will increase by a substantial amount without something in your stomach to absorb the liquor. Although the host isn’t necessarily responsible for feeding guests, it helps to eat a big meal ahead of time to prevent you from getting drunk.

Eating things like, avocados, dried apricots, beans, and potatoes are all ways to cure your body from a hangover. When you drink, your body flushes out water and nutrients leaving you dehydrated, and in most cases, with a headache. The liver also goes into overdrive, trying to process the drastic blood sugar spikes causing major sugar cravings, dizziness, and blurred vision. To make matters worse, you’re exhausted. This is the price we pay for a night on the town.

The good news, however, is drinking plenty of water, and eating the right foods, will help the body recover.

  1. Find Activities To Do Besides Drinking

Let’s be honest, it’s easy to lose count of how many drinks you’ve had throughout the night at a party. Which is why it’s important to know your limit and stay active. Keeping yourself distracted by playing games, or eating food allows you to spend more time socializing, and less time drinking.

It also helps to surround yourself with lights, that way you can get a better visual of the environment you’re in and it gives you the ability to keep an eye on your friends.

  1. Taking Steps Towards Being Safe

Although lawmakers are still struggling with a solution to this problem, the safest way to avoid drinking and driving is by simply not going to places where alcohol is served. Planning to drink moderately is one step toward a safer night out, and drinking responsibly is another.

If You Choose To Drink

If you know you’re going to drink, it’s always a good idea to not overdo it. To emphasize, set limits and stick to them, drink slowly, and eat before you start drinking. Before you start drinking, however, figure out ways to get to and from the event, and make sure you pay attention to your surroundings. For indoor environments, look around and double check the neighborhood. Make sure the place is well-lit, this will help you determine whether or not if it’s safe to go inside. For outdoor environments, inspect the surrounding areas, and make sure security is present in case something happens.

Go with your gut feeling and have a backup plan.

Now that we’ve gone over some ways to prevent driving under the influence, and concerns from lawmakers, let’s rewind back to the party and see how things have changed.

You leave the event stumbling to your car, far from sober. You sit in the driver’s seat and tell yourself, “I’ve done this before, just be extra careful.” So you start the vehicle, and look to your left, just before turning onto the road. Before putting your foot on the gas pedal, you realize you’re not able to drive. You now know what the outcome could be so, instead, you turn the vehicle off and call for a ride home.

Phew! That was a close one.

Herman is a Boise State University graduate, with a degree in English. He loves being around family, writing, and working out in his free time. He’s also passionate about football (Go Broncos!), and plays every chance he gets. If you can’t catch Herman online, you might be able to catch him playing football, hitting the gym, or visiting loved ones. In other words, he’s very active.



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