Drinking and Driving is a Choice You Make

Drinking and driving is not only irresponsible, not only do you endanger yourself when you do so, but you also endanger innocent people on the road and other passengers in the car. But how can you tell if you’re over the legal limit? How do you know if your abilities are impaired? A simple breathalyzer test will reveal your blood alcohol content (BAC) accurately. Have a standalone breathalyzer available in every car and find out what your BAC level shown on the breathalyzer mean. The following are some hints to help you drink responsibly and make the right choice if you choose to consume alcohol.

Know yourself


Remember that any typical or standard serving has the same amount of alcohol in it, no matter what type of alcoholic beverage it is. However, when drinking, each person is affected differently. The blood alcohol content varies based on age, sex, body type, body size, and a whole range of other things that make estimation indicative. Young adults. If you wish to drink, you should be prudent and drink less than the recommended amounts. Because teenagers often weigh less, have less water in their bodies to dilute the alcohol, and fewer of the enzymes that the liver uses to metabolize alcohol, they can’t handle alcohol as well as adults.
Also, your adolescent brain is more sensitive to damage by alcohol. The brain doesn’t develop fully until after the age of 20. You are, therefore, at higher risk when you drink because alcohol inhibits the development of some parts of the brain. If you end up in a car accident not only you are at fault for being under the influence but severe consequences and injuries with fatalities are common in DUI accidents.
Older people. As people age, their liver, kidneys, and cardiovascular system and brain change. Some of these changes make you more sensitive to the effects of alcohol, while others make its elimination less efficient. You’ll tend to have a higher body fat percentage than younger adults and less water in your body. Therefore, you will have a higher blood alcohol level than a younger
person who drinks the same amount. Also, you should drink less because of increased physiological vulnerability and the fact that you may take prescription drugs. If you have health problems, you should abstain from drinking or drink very moderately.

Know your limits


When it comes to alcohol, we aren’t all created equal. Never mind what your partner, friends, or coworkers are drinking. You have your limits, and they have theirs. Your sex, weight, muscle mass, and the speed at which you’re drinking will determine
how much alcohol you can consume before being affected. Also, you react differently to alcohol, depending on your particular psychological state at the time of drinking and personality traits.
Women may be more sensitive to alcohol because of their size, weight and percentage body fat. You may have 6 to 11 percent more body fat than a man, which means you have a lower rate of water, and since alcohol dissolves mostly in water, you will achieve a higher blood alcohol concentration sooner than a man.
A woman’s stomach contains less of the enzyme responsible for breaking down alcohol. Consequently, a more considerable amount of alcohol reaches the bloodstream. For you, one standard drink is equal to about one and a half drinks for a man. That is, it takes less alcohol for a woman to be impaired than for a man.
Whatever the case, don’t compare yourself to anyone else, and most importantly, never let others decide for you. Having just one drink and driving could change your life completely, it’s like playing Russian roulette. Evaluate the situation based on how you feel. You know your body and the way you feel is not a lie.
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