The first civilization to make beer

Beer is one of the oldest beverages in the history of mankind. In fact, some historians even argue that it may have been mankind’s first alternative to water. It is believed to date back to at [...]

7 Alternatives to Alcoholic Drinks

Non-alcoholic beverages are a great addition to the menu at parties and dinners. They are also great to serve to friends who have given up booze. We share some great alternatives to alcoholic [...]

15 Most Consumed Liquors on Earth

People love drinking. They love to drink with friends and family at parties, at weddings, or simply when they want to sit back and relax at home. You’ll often come across celebrities and other [...]

Beer Drunk vs Wine Drunk

People often say that different kinds of alcoholic beverages affect them differently, such as how it makes them feel, behave, and how fast it intoxicates them. In this article, we will compare [...]

Best Drinking Games

Drinking games are lots of fun and can liven up any party. There are lots of drinking games to choose from, but always make sure that you drink responsibly. Never drink and drive and always have [...]

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