Best Drinking Games

Drinking games are lots of fun and can liven up any party. There are lots of drinking games to choose from, but always make sure that you drink responsibly. Never drink and drive and always have [...]

Brewing at Home

Beer brewing is an exciting and mind opening process, and the best thing is that home brewing isn’t hard. It does require patience and some attention, but with so many beer making kits [...]

Snake Venom Beer

Brewmeister Snake Venom Beer is a barley wine beer and is officially known as the world’s strongest beer. Brewmeister is a Scottish brewery based in Keith, Moray, which was founded in 2012. [...]

Wine Tasting Tips for Newbies

Thinking About Going Wine Tasting? We’ve Got Some Great Wine Tasting Tips For You. We gathered tips from Wine Makers and Enthusiasts so you can taste with style. There really is no wrong [...]

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