Alcohol Soaked Tampons Can Kill You

Though it sounds like a recent trend, the legend of alcohol soaked tampons is actually about a decade old. The first story goes back to 1999, when Reuters ran a story about girls from Finland [...]

Alcohol and Throat Cancer

It is no secret that too much alcohol is unhealthy. Everyone knows that over indulgence can cause issues like heart problems, weight gain, hormonal imbalances and depression. Alcohol consumption [...]

What BAC can humans survive?

Binge Drinking Increases BAC Binge drinking, or the excessive consumption of alcohol in a short period of time, is very popular among teenagers, college students, as well as young adults. Many [...]

Why does Alcohol exist?

Commonly, alcohol refers to the specific member of the family of chemical compounds known as alcohols, also known as Ethyl Alcohol or ethanol. Ethanol is most well-known for its consumption by [...]

Teen Drivers and Booze Don’t Mix

Teenagers and risky behavior go hand in hand. While drunk driving is often lethal for adults, teens are at an even greater risk. A recent CDC study found that almost one million of them drove [...]

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