Factors to consider when hiring a DUI Lawyer

When someone is charged with a DUI, they need to call a DUI Attorneys’ office and speak to a skilled DUI defense attorney immediately. The legal representation depends on the type of DUI a person is charged with. The more expert the attorney you hired, the more chances there are to lessen the charges, penalties and fines.

DUI have different categories that are listed as follows:

  • DUI for Alcohol
  • Multiple DUIs – Those involving commercial license and those comprising injuries
  • DUI for drugs or DUID – Those for prescription drugs like Xanax or Vicodin and those for meth, Marijuana and Heroin

The case for each of these is fought differently. A unique strategy is required to cater to the needs and wants of the client, depending on the case. There are different factors that are required to be considered while hiring a DUI Lawyer in Anaheim. These factors are:

Team Effort

The office of the DUI lawyers should operate as a team. More than one attorney should be available in order to see all the minute details of the case. The attorneys should be capable of examining the police reports for inconsistencies, the breathalyzer machines that were used to test the Blood Alcohol level and each and every fact and condition associated with the arrest.

Therefore, a team of lawyers would work on a single DUI case so that if it is required, team experts, specialists, crime labs, witnesses and consultants can work together to determine the best position for DUI Defense.

Free Consultation

In the beginning, clients should be allowed to speak free of cost and directly with the attorneys. The attorneys should be experienced enough to discuss the filed charges, the possible defenses that can be used and the possible penalties that can be avoided. The initial consultation should be free of cost.

Getting to Work Immediately

If an individual considers that a certain firm can cater to their needs and wants, the lawyers should start working for their case without wasting any time. The prosecutor’s office should be contacted in order to prevent the case from being filed. Experts should be approached by lawyers to help prove the case.

Making their Services Available

Once the attorneys are hired, it should be made sure by the firm that clients do not have to wait for days in order to hear from the lawyer. Any questions and concerns of the clients should be immediately responded to. If the client has something pressing, the lawyers should make every effort possible to return the clients call straightaway.

Experienced DUI Lawyer

Experienced attorneys are those who have previously worked as prosecutors, public defenders and have more than 25 years’ experience in handling defense matters. Such experienced lawyers can help in the legal matters perfectly.

Arguing Motions to the Court

Some law firms try to negotiate the plea deal only, but in some cases, the best course of action would be to argue motions to exclude the evidence. These motions could be for lack of probable cause or to suppress statements made by clients at inappropriate times.

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