Geghard Karami Car Accident in Shadow Hills

Geghard Karami is a victim of a car accident that occurred in Shadow Hills. The car accident in Shadow Hills, in the 9200 block of La Tuna Canyon Road, near the Sunland Area, was a violent 3 car pileup. It resulted in 6 other motorists being injured, with 2 adults, and 2 boys in a very critical condition. There were two men killed in the car accident, one of them was Geghard Karami. This is according to Lt. David Smith, from the LA County Medical Examiner Coroner’s department.

According to the authorities, the collision occurred due to a blind bend, on the La Tuna Canyon Road. This information was provided by Captain Lewis, of the LAPD’s traffic division. It appears that when one or more vehicles tried to pass in a 2 way left turn lane, the accident happen. The blind bend made it difficult for the drives/vehicles to see each other.

Two witnesses at the scene of the accident reported seeing a gray Honda, and a Lexus, driving on the wrong side of the road. This is right before the crash happened. It may have been that the drivers, perhaps Geghard, saw the other driver and tried to swerve away from the other car. Geghard Karami’s death is a true tragedy. As a result of this accident many passengers were trapped in the two wrecked cars. More than two dozen firefighters were involved in the heroic attempt at trying to save Geghard Karami and other victims of this accident.

It was later revealed that Geghard Karami was driving the Honda, according to the Los Angeles fire department. Two men, and two boys, were taken to a nearby hospital.  They are in stable condition.

According to police, the stretch of La Tuna Canyon Road, between the Glenoaks Boulevard and the 210 freeway – often sees many drivers going over the 50 MPH speed limit. It looks like this is known hot spot for speeding. According to Captain Lewis  of the LAPD Traffic Division, this is a stretch of road where people often speed. While it’s unclear if speed was the issue in this crash – it definitely looks like it may have been a factor.

In order to properly investigate, it’s likely a forensic accident reconstruction expert will need to look at the cars, and try to understand who caused the accident. If it can be determined that the other driver was at fault – Geghard Karami’s family may be able to file a personal injury claim against the other party. If the LA county government has known about this issue – it may be possible to sue LA county for not addressing this obvious traffic issue.

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