How to avoid a devastating hangover

  1. The most important and obvious: Drink water throughout your night full of drinking. For every alcoholic beverage you consume, your body has to use 4x that amount to eliminate the alcohol. That’s why most people are dehydrated by the end of the night. Drinking water will help prevent dehydration as well as other complications that can occur. According to our study, only 50% of people drink water while drinking alcohol. So this message might only apply to half of you.


  1. “Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.” – Unknown. Learn it, live it and you will love it. While this is also true for the pre night time spins, I believe it’s also true for hangovers. Try to avoid drinking beer before moving to stronger drinks and you will be a happier human being. Now, just because we say beer after the hard stuff is better doesn’t mean you can’t stop using moderation. If you drink anything to excess you’re going to get sick either way.


  1. “It’s better to be on the rocks than in the bubbles.” Huh? Well, on the rocks means watered down with ice. Let the ice melt and drink slowly – that way it’s diluted and less potent. In the bubbles means sparkling white wine or champagne. There is a rumor that the excess carbonation does something to your stomach to make the alcohol go down faster. Either way it can cause a devastating hangover nonetheless.


  1. Don’t mix your alcohols. Long Islands, Adios-MF’s and other mixed drinks are engineered by bartenders to get you drunk. If you start with tequila, finish with tequila or beer. If you start with something, stick with it. Vodka has been universally accepted as the liquor with the most favorable hangover. Unless your from mars.


  1. Pharmacological Intervention. There are a few pre-drinking pills you can take to help prevent a hangover while still enabling you to get buzzed and have a great night. Our BAC Club Membership includes these pills and they work great. Consider a membership or considering shopping online for liver protection supplements.


  1. “Better to Pay Now, than Pay Later.” Cough it up, spend the extra money on premium brand alcohol. From personal experience here, your hangover will be much worse drinking Popov than if you are drinking Tito’s. If you don’t ask for a brand name, you are going to get whatever is in the well. Many bar’s make lots of money by charging a decent price for a cocktail while using cheap liquor.


  1. Limonchello. Boone’s Farm Peach Fizz. Anything sweet is going to really make your morning terrifying the next day. Stick with sugar free mixers and seltzer water. Not only are the hangovers worse but you will decrease your calorie intake.


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