How to Sober Up from Weed

Weed is the slang name for marijuana, the flower tops of cannabis plant which contain a variety of psycho active chemicals known as cannabinoids. The most active of these cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidol (CBD). Marijuana can be smoked, vaporized or cooked in fats like butter or ghee and eaten which brings about euphoria, mood lift, increased laughter, changes in vision such as sharpened colors or light along with negative effects such as paranoia, increased heart rate, dry mouth and mild confusion.

Marijuana is used all over the world, mostly illegally, recreationally or medicinally as a painkiller, anti-anxiety medication, appetite booster or anti-depressant. In this article, we aim to help those who may have consumed marijuana too hastily and need to sober up from its effects because they need to do something which requires them to be sober. Keep in mind that this is all very dependent on the method of ingestion used, the quantity of marijuana consumed and the tolerance of the consumer.

Marijuana, which has been consumed as edibles, has a much more potent effect than marijuana that has been smoked or vaporized and has a very long lasting duration. There is largely nothing one can do to escape from its effects once the edibles have been consumed. Similarly, people with low tolerances for marijuana will also have a very difficult time sobering up from marijuana because their minds and bodies just aren’t used to its effects and even the smallest quantities of cannabinoids in their system will produce a discernable effect for them. Once these cannabinoids are in the system and have started working on the brain and making the user feel high, there is no real way to actually make them leave the body, until they have been broken down and the effect wears off naturally.

How to sober up?

Experienced marijuana users, because of their high tolerance levels, can take part in a few different activities which will lower the weed high for them.

Sleep it off – If you want to sober up from the effects of weed, this is by far the most reliable option. Cannabis users consistently report that they feel like their highs have been reduced if they take a nap after consuming marijuana. This is especially effective if you feel like the marijuana has made you slow and sludgy and you want to feel sharp and alert.

Take a shower – Some cannabis users report feeling refreshed from their marijuana high after taking a shower. Though science can’t pin point exactly what the effects of showering or bathing on the mind and body would be to make the user feel like he or she is not inebriated anymore, it is possible that this is a placebo effect bought on by the ritual activity of self-cleansing.

Physical activity – Cannabis users report that taking part in any kind of physical activity often makes them feel like their high has been reduced. This can include activities like running, playing a sport, simple bodyweight movements like jumping jacks or pushups.

People who have consumed too much weed may get themselves in trouble if they are caught driving while under the influence. They may face criminal charges which can have lifelong effects on them. Anyone facing a criminal charge after consuming weed must get in touch with an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away.

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