How To Be A Lively Designated Driver

Nobody enjoys it when it’s their turn to be the designated driver. Why would they? It’s all the responsibility and none of the fun! However, perhaps this is an unhealthy attitude to have. Since when do you have to be drinking to have fun? If you are chosen to be the designated driver for an event, here is how you can fulfill your responsibilities while also enjoying yourself!

Blend In

Don’t feel or behave like an outsider just because you aren’t drinking. If you spend all night sitting around and watching all your friends drinking and enjoying themselves, of course you’ll be bored. Instead, just act like you’re one of the groups! Enjoy some non alcoholic beverages (other people won’t even know you aren’t drinking), talk to people and mingle. If you’re at a club or bar, socialize with people from outside your group.

Bring your own music

Since you’re the one sacrificing a night of drinking so your friends can party and move around safely, it’s only fair that you get to choose what music gets put on in the car. Lay back and enjoy your favorite tunes while you drive your friends around. Make a playlist before leaving the house.

Drunk people are the best entertainment, enjoy the spectacle!

As the night progresses, your friends IQ points will likely drop down a few notches while yours wont. This in itself can be the best entertainment of all. Capture the highlights of the evening on camera such as one of your friends dancing eccentrically, or screaming like a banshee on the karaoke machine. However, don’t post the pictures and photos online without your friends consent, since that can be breach of trust.

Choose where to eat

Once again, since you chose to give up alcohol for the night so your friends can get around safely, it’s only fair that you get to choose where to eat. You can even try guilt tripping your liquored up friends to buy your food since after all, you’re the one making sure everyone gets home safely that night.

Use the money you saved on alcohol somewhere else that’s fun

Alcoholic beverages are expensive. It’s quite likely that you will end up spending much less money than one of your friends enjoying the alcohol. Why not think of another use for that money? Maybe put on some of your favorite songs on the jukebox, go to a restaurant that you normally wouldn’t be able to afford after a night of drinking?

Enjoy being sober

That relaxed, feeling of increased confidence most people cite to alcohol actually only happens if you have about one drink an hour – which most people don’t limit themselves to. After that, with more drinking in less time, the negative effects of alcohol begin to shine through. If you’re going to a party without drinking, just expecting to have a good time being there with friends, you’re much better off. Enjoy being alert and coherent, something most people don’t appreciate.

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