Places to never Drink or Smoke

Drinking and smoking are your legal rights as an adult. Once you’re 18, nobody can stop you from consuming tobacco and alcohol legally. However, these two substances do come with their own set of rules. Passive cigarette smoke is a nuisance and health hazard for non smokers and many places don’t allow you to consume alcohol on their premises because they don’t want to deal with inebriated individuals. Here is a list of places and/or situations where it’s best not to smoke and drink.

When you are a chaperone

As a chaperone for children or teenagers, you have a responsibility to the minors you are watching and their parents to be sober and alert while on duty. Alcohol effects your attention span and judgment negatively so it’s obviously a bad idea for you to drink while supervising children. Smoking is also a bad idea because if you are smoking while in close proximity to minors, you are exposing them to carcinogens in second hand cigarette smoke. Similarly, if you leave the premises to smoke away from the children, then you are not doing your duty.

When you are a designated driver

The entire point of being a designated driver is to have a person who has not consumed any substances which will affect their ability to think straight. If you are drinking while on designated driver duty, you are directly breaching your passengers trust, putting their lives in danger, your own life in danger, as well as the lives of other people on the road. You are also committing a crime that can have far reaching legal and financial consequences.

Although tobacco is not a mind altering substance, it is best not to smoke while you are driving either. You will be exposing your passengers to second hand smoke and leaving an unpleasant cigarette aroma in the car. If you throw your cigarette butts outside the car, you are littering, and in the worst way because cigarette filters are non biodegradable.

At the beach

Drinking at the beach isn’t a good idea. Though beaches aren’t inherently dangerous, it is dangerous to be drunk while at the beach. Being in the water while inebriated increases your chances of drowning and you also have to be wary of other beach goers on surfboards and jet skis.

Smoking is also a bad idea. Your cigarette smoke will be a nuisance and health hazard for other beach goers which could also include children. Cigarette butts are also a source of pollution on beaches since they aren’t biodegradable.

At the hospital

If you are at the hospital as a patient, you shouldn’t be smoking or drinking anyway because both substances are harmful to your body and will slow down your healing process. If you are there as a visitor or caregiver, you should also abstain from smoking or drinking. Hospitals tend to have a somber atmosphere which should be respected because patients and their loved ones are often experiencing some level of mental or emotional anguish while they are in the hospital.

As a caregiver, drinking on the job will also affect how you perform your duties. The same counts for smoking since you will have to leave the premises to smoke. Moreover, hospitals in this day and age are all non smoking environments.

In the plane

As a passenger traveling on board, or as a flight attendant, it is your duty not to drink or smoke as it will be a nuisance foe other passengers on board.

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