‘When in Rome’: The Most Insane DUI Laws Across The Globe

Let’s face it; a nice, cold beer after a long day of work can really calm your nerves. However, some people never know when enough is enough and, for those people, the idea of hopping in a car after hitting the club is really just common practice. Although it may seem like the consequences of drinking when driving only come in the form of a ticket or a night in jail, there are actually countless countries across the globe that take these punishments to an entirely different level. In fact, if you’re caught red-handed in one of these international countries, you’ll wish you never had a beer in the first place.

  • United States

Although the United States is fairly lenient when it comes to DUI’s, there are still some states which have implemented laws that are both shocking and extreme. In fact, many states have now begun to induct laws banning alcohol on all major holidays and even more are currently discussing whether or not to lower the actual amount of alcohol needed in your system to consider it a DUI.

After multiple vehicular deaths in various states throughout the US over the last decade, there may be some clout to lowering the legal alcohol level, however, this could mean far less business for countless bars and clubs across the nation. Although laws have not been completely set just yet, the foundation has been put in place and laws regarding this idea may become a reality as early as 2018. By knowing how to prevent a DUI, however, you can ensure that, no matter what the laws state, you are still staying safe and preventing accidents when you drink.

  • Murder, She Drove

Another shocking law which recently has sprouted up in multiple states directly relates to second DUI offenses. Although a first DUI offense is only considered a misdemeanor and any deaths that may be caused by it are considered vehicular manslaughter and lead to a felony, in states such as South Carolina and California, second offenses that end in death are counted as actual murder.

When a death or injury occurs on the first offense, South Carolina DUI laws consider it a felony and California DUI laws consider it either vehicular manslaughter or a misdemeanor, but far grimmer results occur for second offenses in both states. In fact, in 2014, a man in California was sentenced to 17-years-to-life for driving under the influence. With this said, despite the common misconception that the United States DUI laws are extremely lenient, there may be a change in our government that makes it far harder to turn that key and drive away without seeing the inside of a jail cell in turn.  

  • Malaysia- ‘Driving’ Them Mad

We’ve probably all told our significant other some elaborate excuse to have a few more cocktails with our friends at least once but, in Malaysia, you may find yourself actually spending a few more nights in jail with your significant other instead. Although it may sound crazy, laws regarding drunk driving in Malaysia dictate that if you are caught driving under the influence, your spouse will be taken from your home and arrested as well. This law was put in place as an attempt to drive home the fact that drunk driving is not only dangerous but could also lead to your death which would clearly devastate your spouse.

  • El Salvador- Shots! Shots! Shots!

One of the most drastic DUI laws across the globe may just be in El Salvador. When you are caught drunk driving there, you won’t have to worry about spending time in a jail cell or paying a fine. In fact, the court process goes along pretty quick and it’s really no surprise why with a country that only has first offenders to date. Now, you may be wondering why this country only has first offenders and that’s a pretty good question. However, the answer is far from positive. The reason for this being a first offense-only country is due to the fact that first offenders are taken out into a field and sentenced to death by firing squad. This is definitely one country you don’t want to be ‘caught dead’ in.

  • France- You Can’t ‘Blow One’ Over On Them

Although it isn’t death, France has its own pretty outrageous way of combatting drunk driving that might actually be a good idea. Laws in France dictate that you must own your own keychain breathalyzer and carry it with you in your car if you plan on driving anywhere at any given time. By doing this, France has made it easier for their police departments to confirm intoxication without being told their systems were faulty. Although crazy, it might not be that bad of an idea for Americans as well.

  • Turkey- A New ‘Walk Of Shame’

If you plan on drinking under the influence in Turkey, you better be pretty athletic. The reason for this is Turkey’s absurd law regarding DUI punishment. If you are caught driving drunk in Turkey, you are driven nearly 20 miles outside of your city and dropped off to make the long and arduous journey back on foot. Who said alcohol couldn’t help you lose weight?

Although these laws may seem absurd, they all are combatting an equally absurd crime. For anyone who drinks and drives, they are not only putting themselves in danger– their friends and family suffer as well. Perhaps, these kinds of strict measures are exactly what is needed to teach these individuals just how costly a DUI can be. Although America’s laws still pale in comparison, drunk driving simulators and easily accessible breathalyzers may be a great start to not only becoming more aware of how to avoid drunk driving but also how to be a safer country without the need of a firing squad and a ‘couple’s cell’.

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