Sober Calculator – The Time It Takes To Sober Up

Zero Line Technology Works

A Sober Calculator only works when you have a breathalyzer with Zero Line technology, available here.sober calculator Zero line technology predicts how long it will take before your BAC will reach 0.00%.

Here’s a scenario of someone without Zero Line Technology. You’ve met a couple friends after work at a bar, right around the corner from your house. The day has been pretty stressful so you unwind and joke with your friends without paying too much attention to how much you’re drinking. After all, pitchers are half off until 11, and you deserve to indulge once in a while! Before you know it the bartender shouts last call and you’re forced to call a halt to your fourth game of pool. Or was it your third?

You walk outside with your group and light a cigarette, making small talk as everyone hunts down their car keys. By the time you’ve finished the cigarette and crushed the butt under your heel the only cars left in the parking lot belong to you and the bartender. As you make your way to the car, you notice the streetlights seem exceptionally bright and stop to wonder whether you’re really sober enough to make the drive home. This causes some concern, but not enough for you to change your mind as you fold yourself into your car and put the key into the ignition. After all, your friends all drank just as much as you, and they all seemed just fine when they left. They did drink just as much as you, didn’t they?

Drinking Denial

You shake your head, brushing off the concerns as you pull out of the bar’s tiny gravel parking lot. You live less than five miles away and you seriously doubt anything earth-shattering can happen in that short drive. Not even half a mile down the road, those ominous blue lights come on behind you and you begin to panic. You oh so carefully ease yourself to the side of the road, reminding yourself that weren’t swerving and you were going the speed limit. Everything is fine. The police officer who walks up to your car looks relaxed as he begins saying something about a faulty tag light–you can’t believe this is happening!–but trails off as the flashlight in his hand passes over your face.

The officer’s brows knit together and he leans on the edge of your rolled down window to look you straight in the eyes as he asks “have you been drinking”? You’re nervous so you quickly answer that you’ve had just one beer and are on your way home. It’s 3am and you clearly haven’t had just one beer. The officer sighs, and asks you step out of the car as he retrieves a breathalyzer stowed in his tool belt.


Anyone who has ever been in this situation knows that the story won’t end well, or even end quickly. As a result of a DUI you may be burdened with heavy fines and possibly even jail time. Even after you straddle those hurdles, your car insurance rates will be through roof–possibly for years. While making the decision to find a way around drinking and driving before you ever take your first sip is always the safest plan it isn’t always possible. That’s why it’s important for anyone who loves socializing and loves drinking to invest in a reliable BAC tester.

Guaranteed faster and less expensive than getting stopped for driving when you shouldn’t be, having a small portable breathalyzer with you when you go out on the town can make the difference between a great night or a terrible one.

Inconspicuous, they are available in sizes that can easily slip into a pocket or purse–we have a model in a photo above. There are models available in a variety of price ranges, although if you want reliability and the assurance that you can trust your new accessory to let you know when it is and is not safe to drive home, it can make sense to splurge a little bit and go for the more expensive model. While this may stretch the budget, it’ll last a lot longer and let you enjoy your evenings without worrying about that trip home. Get a BAC Calculator and know how long it will take to sober up!

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