Sober Recovery Treatment and Rehabilitation Center

The establishment for Sober Recovery Treatment and Rehabilitation is a co-ed, non-secular, non-profit Organization (NGO) that has been providing services of guidance, counselling and treatment to drug addiction victims. These drugs may include alcohol, illegal substances and pharmaceutical products along with others.

Victims of HIV/AIDS are also provided guidance, counseling and support in the center. Treatment for victims of drug addiction involves:

  • Detoxification
  • Residential Rehabilitation
  • After Care Support

Strength of the center lies in the unique and original treatment model of the center that is formulated with perfect amalgamation of eastern self-control, discipline and western philosophy. The aim of the center is to heal not just the mind and body but the soul of the victims as well. The menace of drug addiction and substance abuse in many countries has been widespread. It is no less than a ticking bomb which can lead a society towards chaos and annihilation, if not checked and managed on time.

Most people get victimized by the malady of drug addiction and HIV/AIDS in their early youth. The youth of any nation are the future and building block of that society. In order to save the future and to prevent the society from collapsing, preventive measures need to be taken at the right time. The future of the nation will be bleak otherwise.

Societies and families treat victims of addiction and HIV/AIDS as trash that provides a threat to the security of the society. The behavior of people towards them is humiliating and discouraging as well. That is another aspect of the society that needs to be changed by bringing awareness among the people regarding needs and recovery of drug victims and those of HIV/AIDS. A place is required where their sentiments are not only understood but appreciated as well. They need a place that they can call home and where they can belong. They need a family that is not judgmental. The feeling of being embraced is something a drug addict desperately needs. All these needs, when fulfilled, can provide a drug addict another chance at life.

The goal of the Sober Recovery Treatment and Rehabilitation Center is to transform their clients who are considered garbage by the society into productive members of the society who will lead a meaningful life not only for themselves, but for other members of the society as well.

The Sober Recovery Treatment and Rehabilitation Center was established with the selfless mission to bring awareness among people about the growing epidemic; the menace of drug addiction, alongside the massive collection of diseases it brings. It also has the goal of providing treatment to drug addicts and empower them enough so that they can play the role of productive members of the society.

The Sober Recovery Treatment and Rehabilitation Center has a philosophy that human life is sacred. The compassion and love is also required by victims of drug addiction just like any other person who is distressed. If you or someone you know is a drug addict, and needs help, you can contact the Sober Recovery Treatment and Rehabilitation Center or any other closest rehab treatment center.

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