Sobering Up with Intravenous Fluids

After one of the best Vegas bachelor parties I have ever attended, I was desperate for some well needed rehydration. One of my friends had told me about their shop in Hermosa Beach, CA and I knew I needed to make an appointment.

I decided to opt for the cleanse solution.

It came with a vitamin B complex, hydration fluids and an IV push of glutathione. Figured my liver could use a booster of something healthy.

What in the world is Glutathione? According to their website it’s , “The mother of all antioxidants. Glutathione protects you at the cellular level by seeking out and neutralizing free radicals. Glutathione has been used in the treatment & prevention of a number of diseases, while also supporting a healthy liver and immune system.”

This treatment is no joke, I could feel the nutrient rich fluids entering my blood stream. This IV treatment was much different than a hydrating treatment, as it was chalk full of vitamins and supplements to clean my system from toxins and other unwanted junk.

The IV room was immaculate

They led me to a private room, with a very comfortable sofa recliner chair. The friendly PA got me all setup, and had my watching netflix within minutes. The procedure is very painless and within minutes I could feel the taste of the Vitamin B complex in the back of my mouth, which at first was a very strange sensation. Around the 15 minute mark I was immediately the effects of I.V.

Organ Scrubbing

I don’t know how to describe the sensational effect of the solution other than a complete internal scrubbing. I felt like my liver and brain were being scrubbed from the inside. It wasn’t painful, but was very thorough. I got the impression that my body was being cleansed by some high end detox ingredients that really can’t be found at your local grocery store.

Friendly and Knowledgable Staff

I can’t emphasize the importance of friendly and competent staff with anything medical. The staff here made me feel like a VIP and the doctor made me feel very safe during the infusion.

When it comes to taking care of your body – you shouldn’t skimp. Don’t be cheap with yourself, you are your best investment. Your health should be paramount and if you decide to get a little crazy now and then in Vegas or any other part of the world you should consider have a cleanse once in awhile. I am very grateful for the opportunity to go into this place because I believe that I left a healthier person.

Curtis Boyd is a local South Bay native who grew up in Manhattan Beach California. He enjoy’s traveling, sports and running his company, Future Solutions Media.


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