Vodka-Redbull, Recipe for Trouble

Redbull is the commercial brand name of the world’s most popular energy drink.

It has recently become trendy at parties and nightclubs to make redbull-vodka cocktails. They are popular because young people enjoy experiencing the inebriating effects of alcohol with the alertness and energy boost provided by Redbull.

This can be a risky practice, as the combined effects of Redbull and alcohol can result in heavy consequences for one’s health and well being. In this article, we explore the risks associated with consuming Redbull and alcohol simultaneously.


A can of Redbull contains 80mg of caffeine, which is about half of other soft drinks, and about the same as a cup of coffee. This alone can make the drink dangerous for those drinkers who aim to have several drinks over the course of a night.

Caffeine is a stimulant drug, with a maximum per day dosage of 400mg for healthy adults. This limit can be easily crossed when drinking Redbull cocktails and result in a caffeine overdose.

Mild symptoms of caffeine overdose include dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, increased thirst, headaches and insomnia.

Severe symptoms include irregular heartbeat, convulsions, trouble breathing, confusion and hallucinations. Very severe cases can also result in death.

There is a whole set of risks associated with mixing caffeine and alcohol because caffeine is a stimulant and alcohol is a Central Nervous System (CNS) depressant.

Mixing Stimulants and Alcohol

Mixing Stimulants and Alcohol is a bad idea because the stimulant masks the inebriating effect of alcohol. This means revellers and party goers stay out longer and consume more alcohol.

Apart from damaging the body by consuming more alcohol, party goers also end up with more sleep deprivation. There is also a higher risk for reckless and irresponsible behavior because people tend to drink more and get drunker than they realize.

Energy drink cocktails such as Redbull-Vodkas can be harmful to people who consume them.

Drinking these cocktails can result in a caffeine overdose. More often than not, these only result in discomfort but can also result in severe cases of caffeine overdose which can result in medical complications and even death.

Consuming caffeine with alcohol also results in less perceived drunkenness which results in more drinking. The dangers and problems of binge drinking include more liver damage, more drunken behavior, more calories consumed and increased risk of violent or criminal behavior.

It should also be known that brands of prepared alcoholic energy drinks such as 4 Loko, received government bans with incidents of drinkers ending up in the hospital after consuming energy drink cocktails.

In the light of this information, it seems better that when drinking party goers stick to more traditional beverages, or enforce a strict limit, they should make sure they don’t overdose on alcohol or caffeine.

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